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Anterward, The Gem in the East


At least thats what they said, thats what they promised. "A Gem, a Thriving city> come to Anterward be part of something greater, be part of something growing. Jobs and work for all". Maybe at one time it was, maybe when they first said that they meant it.

Years later, it's a cesspit. Once the city was clean, the river flowed crystal clear and fish thrived. As the city was built it was well planned, sewers were built to handle the filth and district were made temple, docks, guild, merchant they were spacious each well tended to reflect their purpose. Then came the Aristocracy district, then came the slums distrct.. then came the walls, with the walls came the isolation of the inner city from the slums.

In the slums you will find most of the population, as well as a mix of every other district, the less popular gods have abodes here, every once in awhile of the priests from the template district want to help those less fortunate than those in the walls and they'll setup a smaller temple in the slums. It'll be robbed stripped of all thats worth money run down and if the prests lucky he'll live to see that. Then of course someone renevates it, will they never learn?

The inner districts started to turn, more peope could afford to build there, but they those of the high society wouldn't do the work, so every day people from the slums beg for work inside the walls were the pay is better then those in the slums, but just as unsafe.

Anterward does have everything and there is always work for anyone that comes here, be in working to keep the 'Dwarven' forges burning working the giant bellows or shovelling the coal while you drown in your own sweat and the humidity of others sweat. Or 'repairing' the sewer, commonly known as Ooze feed, or perhaps being a waitress is more your style? theres always someone for every type.

So many left their homes, spending every copper they and their families could muster to send them to a better life.They rarely save the money to get home, not that many seem to want to, they see it as the future the place to live.

The place to live? the place to turn your lungs black from the smoke of a thousand chimneys billowing the smoke of anything that will burn, and even more industrial chimneys billowing the toxins of not just burning wood or coal, but of burning left over magical supplies that are either too old or just too unstable to keep.

Walking my the crystal river used to be a pleasent past time, now the guards don't even go near that filth, that stench, that decay. Everyday animals, children, and the drunk and poor go missing because they wandered to close to the water as they didnt know better, were curious or were just had no where else to go or were too drunk to know better. Every few weeks the piles of rotten flesh and burnt bones becomes an eyesore so the Ooze feed are send to clear the piles, armed with what ever they find down their to defend themselves.

Thats when you see if, a poster that catches you eye..

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